Next generation lithium-ion battery technology lasts longer, charges faster and is more environmentally friendly than any other battery available today. Not only are Lithionics Battery products leapfrogging existing performance and cost standards, but we're doing it the right way – by addressing the critical global need for safer forms of energy and large-scale renewable energy storage.


Lithionics Battery combines its modular lithium-ion automated assembly design with advanced battery management systems (bms) electronics to provide the widest range of automotive and power sports batteries available worldwide. This makes our batteries durable and reliable.


Race vehicles have sophisticated electronics and telemetry systems…systems that are damaged by 'voltage sag' during engine crank (especially a hot engine and a hot lead-acid battery.)


Perhaps no other element on earth places as many demands on electrical equipment as water. Not only do marine batteries need to be reliable, but they also must be able to withstand a wide range of temperature swings and frequent downtime. Lithionics Battery's new lithium-ion packs are 2 to 3 times more efficient than traditional lead-acid batteries. More trolling time, faster re-charge times, eliminating up to 200 pounds from your boat.


Finally! Lithionics Battery has integrated lithium and solar technology within most applications. In recent generations, solar and wind technologies has become more advanced, reliable and more affordable. How does storing solar energy in a lithium battery help you? How does it work? What are the improvements?

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